Can I apply for more than one project?

Yes, you can apply for up to 3 projects. You need to write a specific motivation letter per project and you can submit it as one unique pdf document to the Application Portal Personio.

Are the specified allowances in the Guide for Applicants the net salary that I would be remunerated at the end of each month?

No. The allowances in the Guide represent gross salaries. From gross salary, expenses as provisioned by Spanish Regulations should be deducted to arrive at your net salary (e.g., social security, taxes etc.). Those deductions depend on each person’s personal conditions and will be calculated upon preparation of the labour contract.

Where can I find more information about moving to Spain?

IJC has recently joined BarcelonaGlobal, a non-profit association composed of 214 of the city’s leading companies, research centres, entrepreneurs, business schools, universities and cultural institutions and aiming to make Barcelona one of the world’s best cities for talent and economic activity. International researchers joining the IJC will have access to their services and network to help them to settle in at our institute.

You can also find more information on Euraxess Catalonia: